7 Spiritual Protection Symbols and Meanings

Do you believe in the energy of symbols?

In order to stave against ill luck or negative energy, many individuals do this and wear protective symbols.

Around the world, there are several distinct types of protective emblems.

We'll look at seven of the most popular jewelry-related spiritual protection symbols on this list. Learn what they signify and how they may serve to keep you safe.

Hamsa Hand

Both Jewish and Islamic traditions use the palm-shaped sign known as the Hamsa Hand.

According to legend, the open palm of the Hamsa represents the Hand of God.

There are many various variations of this sign, but the classic Hamsa Hand has five fingers that point upward. This specific symbol stands for defense from harm.

It could also have an eye in the middle. According to legend, the eye serves as both a deterrent to evil spirits and a representation of God's all-seeing eye.

Evil Eye (Nazar)

One of the most well-known protective signs in the world, the Evil Eye has its roots in Turkey.

It is a blue eye-shaped charm, sometimes called Nazar, that is claimed to fend off evil spirits and shield its user from harm.

It is worn expressly to ward off the evil eye curse, which is a venomous glare that is believed to bring misfortune.

A praise is used to disguise the evil eye curse. People who are envious of your success or good fortune are considered to have cast the spell.


Eye of Horus

Ancient Egyptians used the Eye of Horus as a sign of safety.

The eye is frequently shown as having a winged eyeliner and being blue or green. According to legend, it symbolizes the all-seeing, all-knowing eye of the deity Horus.

This emblem has numerous connotations in addition to its traditional function as a deterrent to evil.

The eye was also thought to represent the force and authority of the monarch.



Celtic culture contains a three-pointed emblem known as the Triquetra.

The Celtic Triangle and the Trinity Knot are other names for it.

The three components of spirit, body, and mind are symbolized by this symbol. Additionally, it represents the three significant spheres of the earth, the sky, and the sea.

According to legend, it stands for defense from damage and bad energy. The Holy Trinity in Christianity can also be represented as the Triquetra.


Pentacle (Pentagram)

The Pentacle, a five-pointed star, is frequently linked to occult practices and witchcraft.

However, this emblem was in use long before Wicca and contemporary paganism gained popularity.

In fact, it has been discovered in prehistoric societies all over the world.

This symbol, sometimes referred to as the pentagram, is thought to stand for defense against evil powers.

The Pentagram is a representation of the five elements of fire, water, earth, air, and spirit. It is also a representation of harmony and balance.


Star of David (Hexagram)

Jewish culture is characterized by the six-pointed star known as the Star of David.

It is also referred to as the Hexagram and is thought to stand for God's protection.

Many people wear the Star of David as a necklace or pendant.

It can also be found on menorahs and other Jewish symbols.


A protective sign, turtles are known for their hard shells.

They can withstand predators and other threats thanks to the durability of their shells.

These animals are therefore seen as a representation of tenacity and defense.

So, it's common to see turtles wearing necklaces and bracelets as protection.



In Chinese culture, the dragon serves as a potent emblem of protection.

It is thought that this fabled creature may fend off evil spirits and provide good fortune.

Chinese people admire the gentle and noble dragons because of their great strength and power, and as a result, they defend them.

The dragon is still used as a protection emblem in many Chinese houses and businesses today.

In spiritual jewelry, they are also common protection charms.

How These Protection Symbols Work

Some individuals think that these symbols utilize the power of positive energy to work. They claim that when you wear or carry these symbols, you are shielded from harm and surrounded by positive energy.

Some people think that the bad energy is repelled or deflected by these symbols. You are less likely to be influenced by evil energies or other malign intentions if you wear these emblems.


Wear a Symbol of Protection Today

Why not don one now now that you understand what various protective symbols mean?

These symbols may be seen on jewelry items such earrings, rings, pendants, and necklaces.

Choose a symbol that resonates with you and start enjoying the protection it brings.

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