Black Obsidian Bracelet: Meaning, Uses, and Properties

Black Obsidian Bracelet: Meaning, Uses, and Properties

Have you ever heard of a person who saved himself from a big accident with a distance of only 1meter or duration of just 1 minute or two? Also, consider a person who wins a lucky draw and gets wealth in abundance. All these things happen due to some good fortune or lucky charms, for instance, people wear Black Obsidian Bracelets or other specific ornaments according to their belief systems.

Black Obsidian Bracelets are widely used in major parts of the world as a symbol of wealth, abundance, good luck and health.

The stunning black natural stone of Black Obsidian Bracelets formed by cooled volcanic lava is one of the most sought-after stones in the jewelry industry today. It is true not just because of its attractiveness due to its great reflection and smoothness but also because black obsidian provides enormous benefits to those who wear it.

H1: Meaning of Black Obsidian Bracelet  

Humans have been wearing bracelets/ ornaments for thousands of years, with the oldest going back 40,000 years and constructed of chloritolite stone. For the most part, wristbands were worn merely for aesthetic reasons or to indicate social standing, but nowadays, wearing crystal and stone bracelets is not just a fashion statement but also a necessary need.

Aside from geography and what happens in the Earth's core, black obsidian and its products such as Black Obsidian Bracelet is an essential and widely used in Feng Shui. Black obsidian, commonly known as volcanic glass, is a hard material frequently used to make knives. Notably, the obsidian stone is available in various colors, albeit the black obsidian bracelet is far more common.


Black Obsidian Bracelet is thought to have supernatural healing powers and metaphysical properties, particularly for protecting energy cells. These stones also have a high level of psychic protection energy. Prana, Ki, or Chi are all terms for Universally Orgone Energy. As a result of its orgonite potency, black obsidian is thought to have tremendous spiritual grounding powers.

H2: How the name of Black Obsidian Bracelet originated? 

Feng Shui is one of the most popular concepts of Chinese Geomancy, and the Black Obsidian Bracelet is named based on this concept. It is a classic pseudoscientific work dating back to ancient China that claims to use vitality abilities to suit individuals' overall state. In English, the term "wind-water" refers to feng shui. The Chinese metaphysical discipline of feng shui, often known as physiognomy, is one of the Five Arts (perception of appearances through equations and estimations). The Feng Shui design method talks about "undetectable forces," or qi, that affect the entire globe, Earth, and the human race.  


How to wear My Black Obsidian Bracelet?  

How should the feng shui black obsidian riches bracelet be worn? Natural stone beads make this Black Obsidian Beads Bracelet with an easy-to-store fabric gift pocket. It is a fantastic wealth and prosperity charm.


The Black Obsidian Bracelet is ideal as a present for men, women, children, couples, and friends. The black obsidian bracelet is a Feng Shui good luck bracelet that would make an excellent present for anyone. As the Black obsidian defines the RAE vocabulary, so does the volcanic rock of aspect.

Black Obsidian Bracelet should wear on which hand?

The bracelet can be used on both wrists based on the needs and wants of the individuals; for instance

On Left hand for warding off evil spirits

On Right hand for increasing wealth, health or gain other benefits

Black Obsidian Bracelet’s benefits are in abundance and it contains some Supreme powers but there are some specific rules while using this bracelet, these rules are:  

  • Always keep your bracelet on. It will help to enhance your connection with the crystal. The more you interact with black obsidian, the stronger it becomes.
  • At least once a month, clean your beads. You should also wash them if they feel heavier or duller than usual.
  • Regularly meditate with the bracelet. Project your intentions onto the bracelet to align your energy with the crystal.
  • If your black obsidian braceletcame with a Pixiu amulet, make sure its head is facing your little finger. In Chinese culture, Pixiu is known as the "fortune beast," symbolizing riches.
  • Some practitioners utilize black obsidian, commonly fashioned in the shape of a Hu Lu, to counteract bad energy in the sectors impacted by the flying stars #2 (sickness star) and #5 (misfortune star) at the home or office.
  • As you may have noticed, black obsidian bracelets or all Feng Shui products are popular because they are utilized to ward off negativity, protect against evil, and attenuate Sha qi. As a result, they are positioned in various areas of need. Here are a couple of such examples:
  • Crystal ball
  • Dragon Turtle
  • Crystal points
  • Crystal towers
  • Hu Lu / Wu Lou
  • Pyramid - Seven-star structure


H:3 Some Major Uses of Black Obsidian Bracelet

It is an effective energy regulator, which can prevent negative energies from dominating your ideas, emotions, and natural ability to materialize things in life.


You must have this Black Obsidian Bracelet in your collection if you believe in cosmic energies and energy practices. Obsidian is one of the most powerful protections against ill luck. This bracelet is a simple way to start your adventure into energy work and Chinese fortune telling.  

The Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet is particularly popular among business owners, entrepreneurs, and others who desire to attract more riches.

Healers should use Black Obsidian Bracelet

A piece of obsidian is a must for all healers in their treatments!


Healing practitioners are significantly more prone to absorbing harmful energy. Low energy can inadvertently enter a healer's aura when working on their clients as it exits their client's aura.


After healing sessions, healers who are especially sympathetic or emotionally connected may experience fatigue, depression, or even rage. The therapeutic qualities of Black Obsidian Bracelet may be helpful. Pass a Black Obsidian stone over the body to eliminate low vibrations and clean the aura of smog.



Feng shui and the power of crystals are widely held worldwide. While wearing a Black Obsidian Bracelet will not suddenly propel you to your goals, it can be an excellent tool to help you make lifestyle adjustments. I prefer to think of the Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet as a regular reminder to your subconscious mind to act following your long-term goals. They can be highly effective in this way.



Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelets come in various colors because the quick cooling of volcanic magma forms them. These are caused by metal inclusions, gas bubbles, or spherules. Spherules or little circular patches of grey or white feldspar adorn the obsidian snow or snowflake.


The name obsidian derives from the name of the 1st century AD. Adventurer de C discovered a stone in Ethiopia that Pliny named " lapis Obsianus. "

It is known as a "truth stone" or "soul mirror" because it does more than only reflect the physical reality portrayed on its polished surface.

This stone encourages reflection by revealing our hidden anxieties and traumas. The bracelet's color will vary when your temperature changes. It can detect your body temperature.

The chilly feel of Black Obsidian bead Bracelets on hands can help to relieve anxiety. Natural stone black obsidian bracelets are composed of 0.394in natural obsidian stone and have an inner length of around 7.

Black Obsidian Bracelet are commonly used for weight loss.

What Are Black Obsidian's Therapeutic Qualities?

The significance of the Black Obsidian Bracelet's crystal aids in letting go of any residual negativity in your aura. This one is one of the most powerful healing crystals ever. It can alleviate not only bodily ills but also mental and emotional suffering. It completely purges, heals, and restores the poison out of your aura.

What are the Black Obsidian stone's physical healing properties? 

The Black Obsidian Bracelet has a strong affinity for the root chakra and can therefore aid in treating bodily illnesses brought on by an imbalance in this chakra. Imbalanced root chakras might appear physically as:

troubles with the bowels, the bladder, and urination, low back pain and pressure, and discomfort in the lower extremities;

difficulties with gait and balance as well as foot problems;

male sexual health concerns;

Disordered eating; and Migraine and headache relief

What Is the Black Obsidian Bracelet’s Emotional Properties?

We are all susceptible to negativity. Even those who are most centered and spiritual struggle with our humanity and our innate capacity for experiencing fear and rage. If left handled, anger and fear could breed deep emotional resentments and even hatred. You can use the Black Obsidian Bracelet as a tool for introspection to uncover the reality behind emotional issues.


Its sharp blades are perfect for slicing away emotional grudges, bad feelings, and unwholesome emotions that prevent us from being happy and living up to our full potential.


It can assist you in severing bonds to negativity you are harboring, even if you don't have an obsidian stone with sharp edges. The protective stone is excellent for crystal healing when it comes to removing low vibratory emotions.

Cleaning, Activating, and Recharging Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian Bracelets needs to be cleaned, refilled, and regularly activated, just like every other stone and crystal. You'll need to clean your stone more frequently if it's near a lot of traffic.


Obsidians can be cleansed like other healing crystals and stones. Black Obsidian Bracelet is made up of a protective stone; thus, it is also quite absorbent and can occasionally have a significant amount of negative energy. You'll want to focus in meditation on a cleansing goal to make sure you completely clear it.   

Whatever technique you choose, keep in mind to hold the protective stone while you cleanse your obsidian and concentrate on that objective.

  • Moonlight
  • Sound  
  • Smudging  
  • Salt cleaning

Black Obsidian Bracelets’ Benefits

EMF shielding is provided by black obsidian.

We are all aware of the long-term implications of exposing oneself to EMF or electromagnetic forces, which means that if you are always on your phone, camera, or near routers, TVs, or any other electronic equipment that is a significant part of our life today, you may require additional protection. Well, it turns out that the black obsidian bracelet can shield you from EM radiation. Because of the strong Orgone energy found in black obsidian, which shields against EMF waves/radiation.

Black Obsidian is a great cleaner and protector against harmful energies.

As long as you wear your black obsidian bracelet appropriately, you will be able to benefit from the metaphysical characteristics of the stone, which means you will be insulated from negative energy everywhere around you. Because of this bracelet, there will be less negative energy around you, which means you will react less but respond more in a different situation, resulting in a lower likelihood of getting drawn into any argument - this is said to be the case because the obsidian stone/ crystals will put your emotional bank at ease, resulting in more control over your thoughts and emotions, and the best part, fewer feelings of frustration. In addition, Black Obsidian Bracelet used for Swelling reduction and to cure other health problems.

 Black Obsidian bracelets offer the best psychological protection.

While you may have spent your entire life in a high-stress state, with psychic clouds and smog obstructing your aura, your black obsidian bracelet would reverse this by protecting and clearing your aura, resulting in a happier one, more fulfilled life.


Relationships have improved.

Another Feng Shui benefit of the Black Obsidian Bracelet is its ability to improve your relationship and overall romantic life. It may also bring you greater affection.

While this stone isn't often associated with love, it does have some secondary effects on your love life. It stems mostly from the stone's therapeutic properties, particularly it's capacity to restore emotional equilibrium and clear your aura and life of discordant dark forces.


As a result, you will naturally appear more attractive to others because those who are interested in you will be drawn to your pure and pleasant energy.


Similarly, its energy-cleansing properties increase your awareness, making you more intuitive and capable of judging the compatibility of the person interested in you and if they are a suitable match (harmonizing match for you).

Black Obsidian is a wealth magnet.

Consider the black obsidian riches bracelet: it makes you more prosperous and increases your abundance while enhancing your success in life. In other words, the black obsidian stone would greatly simplify your life.


Other advantages of the black obsidian bracelet include:

  • Keeping evil spirits at bay
  • Overall, health enhancement goes beyond stress reduction. Some of the specific health benefits of the black obsidian bracelet include digestion enhancement and overall gut health improvement.
  • It would also maintain your gallbladder healthy. The bracelet would be beneficial to your heart and lower your blood pressure.
  • Theblack obsidian bracelet is also advantageous to you since it is formed by the powerful energies of fire, Earth, and water components. It is vital because it improves the health and function of your muscle tissues, keeping you energized and physically strong.
  • It also fights to invading germs and may make you more intuitive about things that cause you pain and suffering.
  • This stone also clears your perception and life, allowing you to accept messages from your inner being without effort.
  • Black Obsidian Braceletis very beneficial for weight loss is an excellent stress-relieving stone.
  • It is also thought that your black obsidian bracelet is an excellent stress reliever. The bracelet does this by balancing the positive and negative energy flowing through your body, resulting in lower stress levels.

Pros of using Black Obsidian Bracelet

  • People who believe in the power of these bracelets report a gain in money due to the bracelet's ability to attract riches and make them more successful.
  • Because of its tremendous therapeutic abilities, the bracelet is also thought to promote healing in the person who wears it. The concept supports that crystals have tremendous healing abilities and are used in alternative medicine/healing.
  • The feng shui bracelet protects against evil spirits, negative energy, financial losses, poor luck, and illness.
  • It improves and strengthens relationships while also attracting love and positive energy.
  • The bracelet may also increase your success and job advancement, and it is advised for people who feel stuck in their business or work.

Cons of using Black Obsidian Bracelet

  • Unfortunately for most individuals, the bracelet does not always work.
  • It will not work if you do not believe in it.
  • You must follow the feng shui regulations for the black obsidian bracelet

Caution: 5 Things to Consider When Wearing a Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet

Although the Black Obsidian Bracelet is powerful and effective, it does have some drawbacks that every user should be able to recognize. All ostensibly protective wristbands do not protect in the same way or for the same reasons.

Indeed, the power of stones is strong, but no stone provides total protection; therefore, you must determine your own needs in terms of protection before selecting the ideal stone for you.

The advantages of stones are numerous, making it impossible to list them all. To comprehend the power of lithotherapy, one must study it for a long time.

And the extent of each, but it requires time and money. Then Coco Papaya simplifies your task and aids in locating the stone that best suits your requirements.

You must first be concise and give yourself time to think. It frequently happens that one issue conceals a deeper and harder to acknowledge the issue. Don't be afraid to meditate or write down your needs and fears to understand them better.

Black Obsidian Bracelet  FAQ

Who ought to put on Black Obsidian?

Aura purification and protection are possible with the aid of black obsidian, a potent stone. It is also claimed to aid in attracting wealth and love. While anyone can wear black obsidian, those prone to negative thinking or dealing with challenging circumstances in their lives are advised to do so.

Who shouldn't wear jewelry made of Black Obsidian?

It is not advised for those under the age of 16 or those over 70 to wear Black Obsidian jewelry. Additionally, it is not advised for those predisposed to high blood pressure or anxiety because it is thought to worsen these disorders.

Feng shui masters advise against Black Obsidian jewelry for expectant mothers.

Does Black Obsidian Bracelet Pose a Risk?

Instead of being harmful, Black Obsidian Bracelet serves as protection. It deflects bad energy and can be a barrier between you and outside influences. However, because of its strength, it must be handled carefully and with respect.


Can I sleep while wearing a Black Obsidian bracelet?

Yes, Black Obsidian Bracelet is a wonderful stone to wear at night. It can aid in warding off bad karma and encouraging sound sleep.



If you are seeking feng shui wristbands because you believe in their alleged abilities, you will be relieved to hear that a bracelet made of this crystal might be beneficial to you and can enhance your life.

It works if you believe in it, but it also works if you put in the necessary effort and wear it right. However, it may not work for you.

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