Crystals for Abundance and Prosperity [21 Money-Giving Crystals!]

Crystals for Abundance and Prosperity [21 Money-Giving Crystals!]

One of the most enjoyable methods to attract money and success is by using crystals.

Crystals' inherent vibrations and frequencies can help us align our energies and draw in what we want.

Additionally, there are several methods to employ them to improve our capacity for manifestation and summon money more swiftly and easily!

Let's talk about the various abundance crystals and how to use them!

Abundance Crystals & Their Meanings

You may use a wide variety of crystals to attract money, success, and abundance.

This is due to the fact that crystals and gemstones have long been utilized in jewelry, talismans, and to adorn structures like Egyptian pyramids, castles, and temples.

Over time, some crystals and jewels gained a reputation for attracting money, extravagance, and good fortune.

Here is a quick summary of the most popular gemstones for plenty along with what they imply!

Green Aventurine

The lucky and opportunity-bringing stone!

It improves luck and is even seen as lucky while playing the lottery or going to the casino.

However, it's much more useful for attracting good fortune in general, not simply financial good fortune.

This stone is what you need if you want to draw in more business prospects.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's eye was once used as a protective amulet and a symbol of bravery in conflict.

It boosts self-confidence, willpower, and inner strength!

It can offer you the strength to pursue your success and financial objectives as well as the bravery to do so.

Pyrite/Fool’s Gold

Pyrite is the stone of financial prosperity and probably the most well-known abundance crystal.

It enables you to take initiative and seize available possibilities.

Additionally, its sparkling, bright gold hue even makes gold appear like it (thus the nickname "fool's gold"), which might make you feel wealthy even before you notice an increase in your bank account.

Green Jade

For bringing peace and riches, promoting well-being, and using ground energy. Early Chinese emperors commonly wore jade jewelry, which stood for aristocracy, sovereignty, riches, and luck. Because of this, many feng shui objects are jade carvings.


Citrine is referred to be the merchant's stone since it is said to help business operators attract success and fortune.

In order to boost sales, draw in more customers, and improve cash flow, it is frequently kept next to or in the cash register of physical companies!

However, it's also a stone that draws in good vibes and positivity, assisting you in seeing the bright side of life.

Then, you may take action to attract both pleasure and money thanks to that wonderful energy.

Additionally, it opens up the solar plexus chakra, which elevates feelings of value and self-worth.

Moss Agate

The stone of fresh beginnings, moss agate, will help you develop new paths to financial success and wealth.

Additionally, it is a potent grounding and protection stone, assisting in the growth and stability of all of your financial endeavors.

Adding moss agate crystals to your plants has the added benefit of boosting both their growth and your cash.

Black Tourmaline

Because of its anchoring and protecting qualities, black tourmaline is popular.

It clears out bad energy and forms a shielding energetic bubble to give you more security and self-assurance as you navigate life.

Additionally, it might shield you from bad karma, which makes it simpler to draw in prosperity and plenty.

Lapis Lazuli

As the wisdom stone, lapis lazuli allows you to receive information from the spiritual world by activating your third eye and crown chakras.

Additionally, it enables you to connect with your inner knowledge and truth so that you may live a meaningful life that allows for self-expression. Lapis lazuli can assist you if you have trouble deciding which path to go down or letting go of the things that are holding you back. Lapis lazuli can assist you in making sound financial judgments since it is frequently combined with pyrite (which is why it frequently has gold veining or flecks).

Yellow Aventurine

Balance, happiness, self-reflection, and positivism are all aided by yellow aventurine.

It is a manifestation stone that will assist you in concentrating your intentions and energies to realize your goals.

In your job or life's work, it is also recognized to boost financial and professional success.


Malachite is a stone of change, healing, and utilizing your inner strength.

In order to transform your life, it helps you break undesirable habits and patterns by absorbing negative energy. It is a stone of personal development and manifestation, assisting you in letting go of worry and uncertainty so that you may take steps to realize your goals.


In order to access the wisdom of the higher worlds, amethyst can relax the mind, body, and spirit.


It sharpens intuition and awakens the crown and third eye chakras so you may perceive the reality of the cosmos.

Additionally, it aids in your freedom from harmful influences and unhealthy attachments.

In order to create plenty in all spheres of your life, purple amethyst stimulates the feng shui wealth sector of your house, which is linked to royalty.


Emerald is seen as a symbol of wealth and desire. It helps you rekindle interest and love for both your professional and personal life by opening the heart chakra. It increases energy and development while improving memory and mental clarity. You can attract money possibilities and make wise business selections with its assistance!


The reason why amazonite is referred to as the "hope stone" is because it may motivate you to fulfill all of your own goals.

It helps you recognize what would really make you happy by opening the heart chakra.

It improves communication as well, allowing you to tell your truth.

Additionally, it boosts creativity and lowers stress, assisting you in coming up with answers to any obstacles in your path.

Rose Quartz

The stone symbolizing unwavering love and compassion for both oneself and others is rose quartz.

It boosts self-esteem and confidence while lowering stress and insecurity.

It is very beneficial for opening the heart chakra so that you can feel deserving of success and wealth.

Clear Quartz

The ultimate healer and amplifier is clear quartz.

Any purpose may be encoded into it, and it can also be used to amplify the energy of other stones.

All of the chakras are cleansed and balanced, and it can help you stay focused and organized in whatever you do.

Is the crystal of unadulterated light and intention, assisting you in pursuing your goals with vigor and purpose.


In order to help you be your best self, peridot is a stone of positive manifestation that helps to boost happiness and abundance.

Additionally, it can assist you in letting go of other pressures so that you can be more autonomous and follow your heart.

Because it brings luck and wealth, it is also a crystal of plenty.


The stone of power and defense is obsidian.

It is among the most effective crystals for manifesting and shielding you from harmful energy.

Additionally, it aids in decision-making, discovering your life's purpose, and letting go of previous experiences.

It can assist you in removing energetic obstacles so that you can easily receive and manifest.


The stone signifying inner strength and power is carnelian.

It boosts your energy, motivation, and creativity so you can get closer to your objectives.

It increases your self-assurance and trust in yourself by opening the solar plexus and sacral chakras.

You may also overcome limiting thoughts with its aid!

Golden Topaz

Golden topaz, commonly referred to as imperial topaz, is a stone for setting and achieving goals.

It gives you the assurance to take action while assisting you in making your manifestations come true.

It liberates you from worrying about what other people think and boosts your self-assurance and believe in yourself.

Additionally, it might aid in overcoming your anxiety of public speaking.


Garnet is incredibly anchoring and protecting while also enhancing passion and vigor.

It helps you feel safe and grounded while also releasing bad energy by working on the root and sacral chakras.

You may build anything you fervently desire with the aid of sentiments of self-worth.

Additionally, it improves company performance.


The self-cleaning crystal selenite may also be used to charge and cleanse other crystals.

It improves decision-making and mental acuity, and it can clear away confusion and bad vibes.

It may assist in removing energy obstacles and is a stone of honesty and truth.

It can assist you in reaching judgments about your business that are in alignment with greater reality.

What is the Best Crystal for Abundance and Wealth?

There are many different crystals for plenty, as you can see!

Which one ought you to pick?

It's crucial to select the crystal that most resonates with you because each crystal has its unique frequency and vibration. You should pick whatever gemstone immediately catches your attention.

It will either be the one you NEED the most or the one that most closely aligns with your energy.

However, your gut instinct will always be right.


Nevertheless, the following three crystals are arguably the most well-known for being wealth crystals:

  • Pyrite
  • Citrine
  • Green Aventurine

If you don’t have any of the crystals on the above list and want to choose ONE to work with right away, choose one of these!


How to Manifest Money using Crystals


There are countless methods to use stones to attract wealth and plenty.

Any manifestation technique you presently employ can be strengthened by the usage of crystals.

Simply have one close by as you work on your manifestations!

Let's go through some particular methods for utilizing crystals to attract abundance!

Remember to always purify your plenty crystals before using them!

This will eliminate whatever programming or energy they have accumulated through time and return them to their native frequencies.

Wear them. Any of the crystals for abundance can be worn to align your own energy. Wear one, wear it as a pendant, or store it in your bra or pocket!

Money manifestation should be enjoyable (otherwise, you're not doing it right!)

Your crystals for prosperity and plenty will become more potent and draw money to you if you use them in your manifestation games.

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