Fengshui Bracelet: Meaning, Properties, and Benefits

Fengshui Bracelet: Meaning, Properties, and Benefits

Feng shui is a traditional practice followed by the Chinese that considers a bracelet or any piece of jewelry containing specific gemstones can help an individual attract wealth, health, luck, and most importantly, a greater connection between his family or love life. 


It truly gives us a style where you wear different types of precious gemstones to look more elegant. The various types of feng shui bracelets aid in balancing your life hurdles, give you an energy boost whenever required, and reduce stress.


 More high energy, a feng shui bracelet is renowned for that and is worn by people to entertain themselves in life's ups and downs. It is an absolute aiding jewelry piece to sustain peace and stability in your life by giving you a boost to achieve your goal.


Feng shui bracelets have been popular since ancient times, and even now, people love to wear them to improve their health, wealth, fortune, and other energy boosts required to live peacefully. Over the past decade, it's become more popular among believers who are getting luck and charm by wearing it.


Let's discuss the truth and reality behind the feng shui bracelets. Are they even real or fake?


If they are real, then how do they bring luck and charm?


What special properties of a feng shui bracelet let people buy it more and more?


All of the queries will be answered in this guide. As you read it, you will learn all the basics of feng shui bracelets. We will also discuss the Feng shui bracelet black obsidian. Let's start the journey!


What Exactly Is A Feng Shui Bracelet?


Feng shui bracelets are always mixed with black obsidian beads or pixie. That's because it brings a lot of happiness into an individual life who is wearing it, and not only happiness, but also it helps to attract more wealth and health into the believer's life.


It is also formerly known as the 'pixie bracelet' and is used to promote charm, fortune, wealth, peace, and more health. Glasses like volcanic or obsidian are used in their making. These glasses also contain high spirituality with a lot of advantages. People only wear the feng shui bracelet to get more luck. But there are many more reasons behind this bracelet that helps the individual to get more positive in life. 


What do Feng Shui bracelets contain? 


As previously mentioned, Feng shui bracelets contain numerous crystals that bring luck and health to the individual who wears them. 


Now the question that arises here is what kind of crystals? What are the names of crystals used to build any feng shui bracelet? 


The answer is that the most common feng shui bracelets are usually made up of obsidian crystal and Pixiu, whereas Pixiu denotes a lucky charm and is popular for its positive energy driving force to the individual that helps to remove stress from life. It helps to stabilize the person by providing emotional healing.


Both these crystals help you to exfoliate and induce growth with a power of attraction, including luck, health, and wealth. Obsidian helps you to fight with your demons and keep you away from the evil spirit!


Apart from major crystals like Pixiu and Obsidian, it also consists of crystals like:


  • Citrine
  • Pyrite
  • Jade


The mentioned crystal is also used to enhance the beauty and charms of feng shui bracelets.


Benefits of Feng shui bracelet


Feng shui bracelets are the best option for magnetizing luck and giving you more wealth and health. The benefits of this bracelet are much more than these known facts. 


If we talk about a feng shui bracelet as an example that it is made up of obsidian crystal. Then obsidian shows a good balance of dark and light. It truly means every individual fights between light and dark, and the person who gets a balance on both can achieve peace and harmony. So a feng shui bracelet also helps to create a well-balanced lifestyle apart from giving luck, wealth, and charm. 


It helps in restoring balance. The darkness you will feel in life will reciprocate into light in your life. If we talk about darkness, dark periods come into everyone's life; without them, you can not reach where you want to. Darkness is important in your life as it will teach you how to do your best even at your worst. 


But limiting the influence you get while in the dark period is highly important because you will need a balanced life at that point. If you keep maintaining balance, it changes your dark period into a light side; keep going.


 That's where Feng shui bracelets work; at your darkest place, darkest period, it will help you to think out of the box and let the sun come into your life. Although we can't eliminate all darkness, we can help it restore light by wearing this Feng shui bracelet. 


Let's discuss a particular crystal used to make a feng shui bracelet. "black obsidian" properly gives you a vibe of positive energies, purity, and clarity. It helps you cleanse all the dirt and dark space left in your heart and transfers the negative outcomes into positive outcomes. That might include good health, better luck, heart cleaning, and wealth abundance. If your gemstones work well for you, then you are already lucky!


Is the feng shui bracelet fake or real?


Feng shui bracelets are real!


But with a firm belief only!


Like everything, you believe in working perfectly. That's the same case with a feng shui bracelet. 


After a firm belief, you will get all the benefits from it and provide you aid.


But if your belief is weak and you think it might not work for you, it will never work. 


It addresses the same situation we handle in our lives; for example, if we believe in ourselves to pass an exam, we pass that. 


It works similar to adding things into your space if they are meaningful to you, but if it doesn't, don't add them.


The message is clear: bring things in your space that you love and will benefit from, even if it's a piece of jewelry. 


Feng Shui bracelet How to wear


The most popular kind of question that comes to mind is on which hand we should wear the feng shui bracelet. And how will it be more effective? 


The answer is to wear it to your left hand. The left hand is closer to your heart, and you will get a pure connection of this bracelet with your heart. In traditional Chinese practice, the beads or gemstone bracelets are worn on the left side of your hand because that's how it builds relationships or connections with hearts and improves blood circulation. 


Feng Shui Bracelet | How to clean it? 


How to clean a feng shui bracelet? Because it is a sacred piece of jewelry, how should one handle it and clean it if required? Although you can clean it up using different methods, the most common and popular is washing it straight away. 


Yes! wash your feng shui bracelet by just running water through it. Just simple water should be used, and any chemicals or soapy detergents should be avoided. 


Consider these things before wearing the Feng Shui Bracelet. 


First of all, consider the feng shui bracelet's suitability. The suitability of wearing this bracelet is restricted to old age people and also children. The reason is that the power it gives us will not be able to be approved by the children or the elderly. Pregnant ladies are also not allowed to wear it due to their fierce nature. The age limit for wearing this gemstone lies between 17 and 70 years. 


Secondly, always wear it on the left hand as it will attract good health and wealth. Also, it will be more connected to the heart and provide a lucky charm to the individual wearing it. 


Thirdly, always try to make your pixiu crystal shape outwards. It will bring more luck to the individual when it is placed in an outward direction. Don't ever keep that towards you because it will then provide harm to you. If you don't want to wear it, place it in your living area and towards your house window or door. Never place it in your bedroom, the practice says. 


Feng Shui Bracelet | How to choose the best one?


If a feng shui bracelet is made, it usually contains jade, citrine, obsidian, and pixiu type of crystals in it. To buy it, first, check your birth chart, compare it to the elements you lack, and let the balance come out of it. 


Feng Shui Bracelet | What if others touched my bracelet? 


If you are the owner of any feng shui bracelet, then make sure to touch it many times as that will build up a harmonious connection between you. Or if someone by mistake touched it, make sure to rinse it as soon as possible with cold water. 


If Feng Shui Bracelet can be worn during Sleep?


People have mistakenly thought that a feng shui bracelet should never be worn while sleeping. But you can bring up more positive outcomes and high energies from it during your sleeping hours. 


Wearing it around your neck will surely draw universal energies and attention to your soul through your body. Wearing it during sleep is highly dangerous as it can harm your neck and hurt you badly. One should not wear it during sleep on the neck.


But one theory also reminds us that a feng shui bracelet can interrupt your SleepSleep because of the huge amounts of energy it possesses because of its present stones. 


And if we see comfort levels, it will be very inconvenient for you to wear it during sleeping hours. So it should be avoided by most people as they don't want to get disrupted during their sleeping hours. Also, even a common jewelry piece should be removed before getting Sleep. 


Benefits of Feng Shui Bracelet 


Wearing a feng shui bracelet is an old Chinese traditional practice. Feng shui is a piece of ornament consisting of different crystals to attract luck and wealth. 


The most known benefits an individual can get from a feng shui bracelet are:

  • Emotional stability and Healing
  • Mindfulness
  • Peace inside and outside your body
  • Good connections are built with family and friends
  • Luck 
  • Abundance
  • Wealth
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Stress reduction
  • Improves hearts blood circulation
  • Blood pressure controlling
  • Cleaning of mind and soul
  • Harmonious 


Feng shui bracelet black obsidian


Feng Shui bracelets are usually made up of black obsidian. Let's get a quick knowledge about what black obsidian is and how it can benefit the person who wears it. 


What is Black Obsidian?


Black Obsidian is a stone and usually looks like a glass made of volcanic rock. This volcanic rock is usually made up of lava which is in molten form. After cooling the lava, it becomes a solid glass-like volcanic rock known as Black Obsidian. 


Benefits of Feng shui bracelet black obsidian


  • EMF Protection 
  • Stress Reduction 
  • Cleanser
  • Improving Connection 
  • Cure Diseases 


  • EMF Protection 


The most popular benefit of black obsidian stone is its protection against EMF. EMF is electromagnetic forces possessed by Televisions, Telephones, and all household electronics systems. EMF has very high forces; a normal person should know that it is highly dangerous and we need protection against them. For that reason, black obsidian plays a vital role and is highly capable of protection against any harmful EMF. Due to the orgone energy in the stone, it is highly protective against EMF radiations. 


  • Stress Reduction


People nowadays have more stress-related diseases than other kinds of diseases. People who are stressed out can wear black obsidian crystals to make things pretty normal in the head. It helps to reduce stress by awakening your soul. It provides ultimate protection and gives you a booster of energy to keep positive and eliminate negative energies. It helps to eradicate negative stress from your body and balance it with positive outcomes. 


The stress is mostly one's built-up, and people usually become more sensitive towards everything because of it. For that reason, black obsidian is used and is highly recommended as it will make you emotionally stable and you will heal more quickly.


  • Improved Connections


The most peaceful kind of benefit that you get from the black obsidian is its powerful connection enhancement. It improves your heart connection with your family and friends. It also gives you a boost if you are in a relationship. You will be able to give more love to people and play a huge role in building it. Just because of its healing property, it will give you emotional stability and a good balance in your love life. That will also help you to move from darkness towards light energies quickly. 


The attractiveness will become more after wearing it, and you will give a positive and clear vibe to the people around you!


Also, it will improve your awareness by cleaning your heart of negative things and letting you know what you are capable of and what not. You will get to know what suits you in a relationship, and your future will brings harmony.  


  • Cleanser


It helps you clean all the bad spirits and let you breathe in with positive thoughts and energies. It will be a great cleanser and protector in the meantime. 


  • Cure Diseases 


Since ancient periods, people firmly believe that black obsidian is good for health and provides many benefits for different diseases. The most important is the gallbladder disease that is curable by wearing these types of stones. Also, heart disease and blood pressure can be controlled by wearing them.


How Can You Tell If a Feng Shui bracelet black Obsidian Is Real?


It is not easy to get if your gemstone is real or fake. But there is a trick followed by millions of people around the globe to check out the surface area of the gemstone. Fake obsidian crystals will never be smooth and give you a rough area. It will be more like window glass and smooth if it's real. Due to abundant crystals forming freezing lava, obsidian appears black. The presenting black color will be uniform throughout. 


Tips on how to wear Feng Shui Bracelet 


If you are wearing your feng shui bracelet accurately, it will be activated. An activated feng shui bracelet means it will give you all of the powers that it possesses. The most common question about a feng shui bracelet is how to wear it.


 Let's talk about a few tips that you can follow while wearing your feng shui bracelet:



Always choose your favorite side of hand to wear the Feng Shui Bracelet on either its right or left sides. But according to a Chinese theory about this bracelet, wearing it on the left side of your hand brings more peace to the heart and cures heart diseases. 



Make sure to wear it close to the reflexes. It means to keep yourself in touch with the bracelet as it will

helps the bracelet connect with the owner, and you will get all the attention from it. 



If you are not feeling like wearing it for some time, then make sure to keep that bracelet in the living area of your home and make sure its direction is towards the window or any door. It is because you will get more abundant wealth in your home. 


Prop us is made up of mostly pixiu, so the pixiu crystal must be in an outward direction and should be worn near the little finger to attract luck. 



It is supposed to be a sacred piece of jewelry and should not be worn when a person is making love, swimming, or doing anything inappropriate. Make sure to remove it in the first place! 




In this guidance, we have discussed the feng shui bracelet, how it benefits the person who wears it, how to wear it, what black obsidian is, and many more. Feng shui is a practice followed by the Chinese since ancient times, and it gives us a theory that using these gemstones in daily life boosts your luck and energy. 


Chinese culture believes that when a person wears it firmly, he will be rewarded. But if no such belief is present, one should not wear it. It is meant to be a sacred gemstone, and the Chinese respect the gemstones. Feng shui is a theory that belongs to five basic elements. These gemstones belong to everyone except children and older adults. Studies showed that ladies are also not allowed to wear it during pregnancy.


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