Is Moonstone Good for Beginners? 10 Ways to Use Moonstone!

Is Moonstone Good for Beginners? 10 Ways to Use Moonstone!

Is moonstone good for beginners? YES!

Due to its calm, open vibration, moonstone is a fantastic gemstone for beginners.

Moonstone crystals offer a nourishing, relaxing, and supporting energy, making them among of the most effective stones for bringing about harmony and balance.

The healing powers of moonstone can be used by anybody. Moonstone is an excellent beginner's crystal if you're just starting started with crystals.

Which moonstone is good for beginners?

Moonstone crystals come in a variety of forms, each with unique therapeutic effects.

The most well-known moonstone crystal and the one you should choose as your first crystal if you're a novice is probably rainbow moonstone.

It is a blend of many moonstone colors, including white, blue, gray, green, and occasionally pink or peach. Typically, it also contains black tourmaline or smokey quartz.

The harmony and serenity of rainbow moonstone are due to the combination of several stones, which also integrate energies and promote gentle healing.

Due to its low cost and wide variety, rainbow moonstone is also a wonderful choice for the beginner's crystal collection.

Rainbow moonstone is used in jewelry such as bracelets, rings, and necklaces.

Aside from little tumbling bits for your bra or pocket, you may also locate enormous pieces of rough moonstone.

For usage during meditation, rainbow moonstone is also available as towers, palm stones, and sculptures.

What is the spiritual meaning of moonstone?

Moonstone's symbolic meanings include harmony, discernment, progress, and fresh beginnings.

Enhancing intuition and establishing a connection with the Divine feminine are said to be benefits of rainbow moonstone.

You can use your psychic abilities and inner intuition to communicate with the universe for guidance and inspiration.

It is also linked to the moon's power, which may be used to access the ebb and flow of energy and the natural cycle of existence.

Rainbow Moonstone is also known for:

  • Calmness, mental clarity, and peaceful energy
  • Psychic perception, inner vision, and dreamwork
  • Mental balance and patience
  • Balances digestion and hormones
  • Encourages hope, optimism, and sensitivity
  • Balances emotions, grounds and centers energy
  • Opens the crown chakra and third eye, helping with intuition and communication
  • Perfect for new beginnings and spiritual growth

What are the benefits of wearing moonstone?

The advantages of wearing moonstone include:

It gently expels bad energy, assisting in restoring harmony to your complete mental and physical aura.

It improves intuition and clarity without being overbearing or severe, allowing you to view circumstances for what they truly are and make the changes that are best for you.

It boosts compassion and good vibes, enabling you to open your heart and recognize the Divine energy present in everyone.

Making the right choices for you is made easier when you are in alignment with your higher self.

It's a fantastic gemstone for problem-solving and being innovative in your approach!

How do you activate moonstone?

You can activate moonstone by placing it under the full moon.

The energy of rainbow moonstone is charged and renewed by the full moon, which also purges any programming or unfavorable energy from it.

You may also put your exact goal on a piece of paper and program or activate your moonstone with that intention.

When there is a full moon, place the paper underneath your moonstone to activate it and charge it with that energy.

You may also activate your rainbow moonstone without having to wait for the full moon.

Here’s how to activate and cleanse rainbow moonstone at any time of the month:

Cleansing your moonstone.

Your moonstone can be cleansed by employing sound cleaning, smearing it with a smudge stick or palo santo, or submerging it in salt.

It may be programmed and activated by using moonstone to cleanse it and bring it back to its original vibration and frequency.

Programming/Activating your moonstone.

In order to make the moonstone active and program it with your intention:

Your moonstone should be held or touched.

Talk to yourself about your intention while feeling the emotions you want your rainbow moonstone to hold.

Feel your intention's energy moving through your hands and body before entering the moonstone.

Breathe deeply a couple times and send your purpose out into the Universe.

The work has been completed! Your rainbow moonstone has now been energized.

How do you use rainbow moonstone?

Once your moonstone crystal has been cleansed and set up, you can:

  • Use the feng shui bagua map to determine which areas of your home correspond to the various aspects of your life.
  • Wear it or keep it in your pocket to balance and enhance your energy.
  • Use it during meditation to receive guidance from the universe and your Higher Self.
  • Create a crystal grid to focus the moonstone on your specific intention.
  • Keep it beside your bed or under your pillow to receive insights and improve your dreamwork.
  • Create an altar that symbolizes your aspirations and desires;
  • Place the moonstone there to activate and charge it;
  • Place it near a plant to grow your dreams and intuition;
  • Come up with your own moonstone ceremony that works for you!

Can I wear moonstone every day?

Yes, moonstone is suitable for daily wear.

You may wear moonstone while you sleep since it is one of the few stones that can improve sleep quality without contributing to insomnia or nightmares.

If you plan to wear moonstone every day, be careful to regularly cleanse and charge it to get rid of any energy that it may have absorbed from your everyday activities.

This will guarantee that it keeps helping you and that its energies are completely charged.

Where do you put Moonstone on your body?

You may lay moonstone on your third eye or sacral chakra during meditation.

The sacral chakra promotes abundance, creativity, emotions, and fertility.

The third eye chakra supports spiritual connection, insight, and wisdom.

Work with the chakra you need the most assistance with, or alternate between both, since moonstone will balance and stimulate any one!

While meditating, you can also hold a moonstone in your left hand to receive guidance and blessings from the universe and your inner self.

What happens if moonstone gets wet?

Depending on the other crystals it is combined with, moonstone can be exposed to moisture without suffering any harm.

In general, moonstone is unaffected by brief periods of moisture.

Your moonstone may be cleaned with water and a little soft brush.

Avoid using strong cleaners or chemicals on it, and after getting wet, be sure to thoroughly dry it off.

Take off your moonstone jewelry before taking a shower and clean it with water and a soft brush to maintain it in good condition.

Can moonstone go in the sun?

Moonstone may be exposed to the sun for brief periods of time. Long-term exposure to direct sunlight can cause the hue of moonstone to fade.

Simply leave your moonstone in the sunlight for a few minutes to cleanse or charge it.

It doesn't take long to charge and purify your moonstone with the sun's powerful fire energy.

Which zodiac sign is associated with moonstone?

Moonstone is great for Cancer and Gemini because it is one of the June birthstones.

You may follow your inner direction and intuition while also benefiting from emotional stability and grounding provided by moonstone.

What crystals go with Moonstone?

Moonstone complements and works well with gems that complement its calming and uplifting qualities.

Moonstone may be used in crystals to align the chakras or to enhance its effects for certain purposes.

The following three categories of crystals go well with moonstone.

Crystals that balance the rest of the chakras, like:

  • Black obsidian is good for grounding the root chakra;
  • Carnelian is good for clearing and energizing the sacral chakra;
  • Rose quartz is good for balancing and opening the heart chakra;
  • Blue Kyanite is good for opening and charging the throat chakra;
  • Lapis Lazuli is good for cleansing and clearing the third eye chakra;
  • Moonstone is good for opening the crown chakra.

Other crystals that go well with moonstone help harmonize and increase other energetic properties, such as:

  • Rose Quartz – the stone of unconditional love and compassion
  • Clear Quartz – the master healer and amplifier of energy
  • Black Tourmaline – for cleansing and grounding energy and protection
  • Smoky Quartz – for mental clarity and strength
  • Tiger’s Eye – for empowerment and confidence
  • Green Aventurine – for good luck, good fortune, and new opportunities

You can also pair rainbow moonstone with other moonstone varieties:

  • Blue Moonstone – self-expression and communication
  • Gray Moonstone / Black Moonstone – stress relief, grounding, protection
  • Peach Moonstone – passion, individuality, self-worth
  • Green Moonstone – love, self-acceptance
  • Yellow Moonstone – happiness, joy, optimism
  • Labradorite – willpower, purpose, soul’s journey

Where should you put rainbow moonstone in your home?

Rainbow moonstone is associated with feminine energy, creativity, and wisdom in feng shui.

It functions effectively in the feng shui categories of knowledge and wisdom, love and relationships, and children and creativity.

For greater creativity, assistance with finishing and completing projects, or to infuse your life with more playfulness and enjoyment, place moonstone in the feng shui creative region.

Place moonstone in the love and relationship area according to feng shui to: bring balance to your relationships; receive and feel more love and compassion in your relationships; or to relieve tension and stress in your relationships with others or your spouse.

To support self-care, compassion, and your connection with your spouse, you may also place moonstone in your bedroom's love and relationship area.

Put a moonstone at the health center of your home to reduce stress and anxiety and to bring harmony across the entire family.

To boost insight, contact with the Divine, and to foster creativity and learning in your studies, place moonstone in your home's knowledge and wisdom area (or to help students in your household.)

Moonstone may also be placed on any of these feng shui points on your desk to boost knowledge, creativity, wisdom, reduce tension, and assist you in finishing work-related duties.

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