Mala Beads: How to Choose, Use, and Cleanse

Mala Beads: How to Choose, Use, and Cleanse

Utilize an own set of mala beads to explore the world of conscious potential. Simply said, mala beads are a collection of beads historically used for meditation and prayer. Malas are effective meditation tools with a rich cultural heritage that go beyond simple jewelry. We don't think you have to be religious or practice spirituality to wear mala beads; you may just wear them to remind yourself of a personal goal you've set or to promote calmness in your body, mind, and spirit.

Below are some of our favorite mala knowledge nuggets, whether you're looking for your first mala or want to strengthen your bond with an old piece.

How to Select a Mala

It's crucial to understand that each individual associates a mala with a particular meaning. It may serve as a meditation tool, a reminder of an aim, an inspirational object, or a lovely expression of emotion. Whatever it means to you, have an open mind and avoid comparison or judgment. Accept your calling and let it direct your decision. Although there is no right or wrong method to pick your mala, we have some questions to guide you.


We frequently advise people that the mala they are destined to wear is the one they are drawn to initially. It really is that easy. Don't fight the simplicity. Accept it. Allow your heart to guide you as you submit and follow it.


Every one of our mala beads has a specific intention. We advise you to consider your objective before beginning your search for the ideal beads. What am I attempting to create? Do I wish to foster greater love in my life? More surplus? Greater strength? Use the responses to help you make a choice.


Will you meditate with the beads? Or are you just looking for a daily reminder of your goals? Both may be used with the mala collection beads. It's great if you're especially seeking for meditation. Each of our 108-bead necklaces is carefully knotted and designed to aid in japa meditation, which involves reciting a mantra with each mala bead.

How to Use Your Mala Beads

Mala beads are significant tools for promoting harmony and enlightenment. The beads have historically been used for prayer and meditation. You'll almost certainly utilize a chant if you decide to meditate while wearing your mala. A mantra is a word, sound, or phrase that you repeat to help you focus. It might be as straightforward as the word "love," an appreciation for something, or a Sanskrit phrase like "om shanti, shanti, shanti," which stands for universal peace.

Holding your mala in your palm, rotate each bead with your thumb and middle finger to count your mandras. It is not advisable to twirl the beads with your pointer finger since it is thought to represent your "ego."

You will ultimately reach the guru bead—the bead that dangles from the mala—if you make it all the way around your mala. This denotes a need for introspection. You might consider your meditation routine, express appreciation for your mantra, pay respect to your guru, or simply take a minute to acknowledge your own gratitude for taking the time to meditate. The guru bead should never be crossed. As an alternative, go the other way and turn around.

It is usually accepted that when one completes a mala while practicing meditation, they have attained enlightenment. Be gentle and nice to yourself if you decide to meditate with your mala. Your thoughts will inevitably stray. The act of returning your focus to your mantra and beads is the act of practicing mindfulness. Do it with compassion and without bias.

How to Cleanse Your Mala Beads

Your mala beads are supposed to guard you, lead you, and serve as a continual reminder of the divinity you already possess. A lovely approach to link the beads to your energy and goal is by activating your mala. The little ritual shown below can be used to set the purpose and energy for your new mala beads.


Make a peaceful environment and get into a relaxed seating position. A candle or your preferred incense should be lit. You can wash your mala in clear water with flowers if you'd want to do that first. Put your eyes closed and begin to breathe more deeply. Breathe. Set your purpose to the beads with a calm and clear mind as you move each bead between your fingers. 

Try to picture yourself achieving inner serenity and tranquility. "Om Hrim Namah Shivaya Om" is a conventional chant for igniting and locking away the energy in your brand-new rudraksha mala. At least three times, repeat this chant. For the energetic bond to be sealed, sit for at least five minutes.


Once your mala beads are active, you may wish to periodically cleanse and clean them. Considering that it is said that the beads collect and retain energy, you might find it beneficial to periodically cleanse your mala beads. We advise against lending or sharing your malas so as to prevent energy transmission. If this does occur, you could want to purify your mala. There are several options available to you on how to go about doing this; here are some of our personal favorites:

  • Holding your mala up to the moon or sunlight.
  • Smudging your mala with white sage.
  • Inserting your mala into a singing bowl and tapping or ringing the sides to make noise.


You might occasionally want to clean your mala if it is used frequently. The mala may be used for this by soaking it in warm water. If you'd like, you may also include some mild soap. the beads in water for a while (some suggest leaving it overnight). Scrub the beads with a soft brush. Let dry completely. You can use coconut or sandalwood oil to brush your mala after washing it. The beads won't dry out because to the oiling, which makes them sturdy. If your mala has seen a lot of use, you might also wish to clean the tassel. One method for doing this is to moisten the tassel and gently comb the strands with a little comb.


A broken mala is supposed to represent a broken cycle, or the idea that you are no longer "in need" of that particular item. Your existing intentions are no longer serving you, thus it's a hint that you should set new ones. We prefer to respect when an intention is released and support you during the transition. If the mala breaks before you're ready to let go of its aim, we at mala collection are dedicated to shipping your broken mala back to Bali once to be re-strung and re-blessed.

A broken mala can be upsetting, but it can also be a wonderful chance for reflection and self-examination. Ask yourself what new intention you're seeking and what you'd like to materialize. It could be time to send your love in a different direction in the hopes that it will lead you to a better and greater location.

Whatever the appearance of your mala, these culturally significant symbols are a lovely way to incorporate purpose and awareness into your life. Take a deep breath and enjoy the trip; it's going to be lovely.

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