Power of Pixiu: The Fortune Beast in Feng Shui

Power of Pixiu: The Fortune Beast in Feng Shui

The pixiu is a representation of accumulating wealth. One or two pixiu are utilized in feng shui as a cure for your riches flowing away from you.

Chinese Pixiu Mythology

The Pixiu is referred to as the fortune beast and the ninth son of the Dragon King in Chinese mythology. A guardian of heaven, Pixiu protects the heavenly realm from demons. The pixiu absorbs the energies of the demons and transforms them into gold. He is famous in feng shui applications as a money attractor and is said to expel devils from humans.

Story How Pixiu Became a Powerful Wealth Magnet

His capacity to assemble significant fortune is explained by the tale of Pixiu's aptitude for attracting wealth for his master. According to one version of the tale, Pixiu was injured on the palace floors. The irate emperor gave Pixiu a spanking so hard that his anus became sealed. Pixiu was sentenced by the emperor to a diet consisting of of gold, silver, and diamonds. Pixiu was unable to process these riches, therefore he kept whatever he consumed. His master amassed enormous money.

Description of Pixiu

The Pixiu has a lion's body, long fangs, and two feather wings. Its head is shaped like a Chinese dragon. The yin (feminine) and yang (man) forces of feng shui are reflected in the classic description of Pixiu. The male is called Tiānlù, and the female is called Bìxié. Tiānlù has one antler, while Bìxié has two. The two Pixiu are depicted with hooves in earlier works while having paws and claws in subsequent works. Pixiu representations of both sexes show ferocious beasts with gaping lips seeking wealth.

Pixiu Roles

Tiānlù leaves the house to collect gold, silver, and precious stones and returns with them to his master. Bìxié keeps watch over the loot, protecting it from thieves who would like to take their master's money. She maintains a close eye on the money to make sure her master doesn't lose any of it.

Modification of Pixiu Icon

Bìxié was eventually omitted from the legends over time, leaving only Tinlù to serve as the protector of wealth accumulation and the bringer of prosperity. However, some practitioners of feng shui favor combining the two mythical beasts. Together, the two seek out, gather, and safeguard their master's or mistress's wealth. Since many merchants sell a pair of one horn or a pair of two horn pixiu, if you're shopping for a pair, make sure they are accurate representations.

Bixie Remedy for Bad Luck

Bìxié is a preferred feng shui cure for someone experiencing a string of poor luck. Because the person insulted and offended the Grand Duke of Jupiter (Tai Sui), a potent mass of chi energy, ill luck is specifically causing havoc.

How the Grand Duke of Jupiter Becomes Offended

The Grand Duke of Jupiter travels with the floating stars into a new sector every year according to Chinese astrology. It is forbidden to cause any sort of disturbance in the area where the Grand Duke resides. For instance, as long as the Grand Duke remains there, you shouldn't make any repairs there. Avoid sitting with your back to that direction (unless it is one of your four best directions, which supersedes the rule).

The Wrath of the Grand Duke of Jupiter

According to feng shui, if you anger the Grand Duke of Jupiter, you will suffer from poor luck, including loss of fortune, health, or employment. Accidents and sickness will occur.

Pixiu Cure for Grand Duke Affliction

The negative impacts can be mitigated by setting up a pair of Pixiu in the sector where the Grand Duke resides. Never position the Pixiu so that it faces a door, window, or other opening.

Feng Shui Pixiu Protects Wealth

Many feng shui practitioners have great success by protecting and retaining wealth in their homes and workplaces by just employing Tiānlù. The usage of one or several pixiu is frequently seen as a matter of personal preference. If you decide to use only Tiānlù and your money keeps evaporating, just add Bìxié to boost the process of wealth accumulation. A pixiu can be placed on top of a lottery ticket to bring luck and winnings.

Wear Pixiu Jewelry to Attract Wealth

You could choose to wear Pixiu jewelry while playing casino games. Gamblers frequently choose Pixiu jewelry. You can wear a necklace or bracelet to draw in money and fend against bad luck, evil spirits, and anyone who wish you harm.


Wearing a Black Obsidian Bracelet for Wealth & Blessings

A black obsidian bracelet can be worn to increase prosperity and bring good fortune. It is said that by wearing the bracelet on your left arm, you can attract fortune and amass it. The bracelet on your right arm should never be worn since it will cause your money to drain out from under you.

Feng Shui Applications for Pixiu

You can use a Pixiu in your house or office for a variety of feng shui purposes. Even as jewelry, you can wear this representation of accumulating wealth.

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