Tiger's Eye Feng Shui: Meaning, Uses, & Benefits

Tiger's Eye Feng Shui: Meaning, Uses, & Benefits

Do you need assistance developing the power and self-assurance of your inner tiger?

Could you need some assistance shielding your energies from bad vibes? Would you wish to feel healthier and more energetic?

If so, it’s time to wear tiger’s eye crystals!

Let's talk about how tiger's eye feng shui may benefit you in every aspect of your life!

Tiger's Eye Meaning

Tiger's eye enables you to access your inner strength, vigor, and power.

Tiger's eye has a long tradition of being worn by warriors in combat as an amulet for bravery and protection.

Tiger's eye has anchoring and protecting qualities as a result of its history and vibrational frequencies.

Tiger's eye is also said to shield wearers from the evil eye by enclosing them in a protective bubble whether they use it at home or wear it!

Tiger's Eye Properties & Benefits

A member of the quartz family, tiger's eye. It comes in a variety of hues, including deep blue (also known as hawk's eye) and light gold (also known as blue tiger's eye). brown and golden Blue tiger's eye is used to balance the upper chakras, whereas tiger's eye is utilized to balance the lower chakras (solar plexus, sacral, and root chakras) (crown, third eye, and throat chakras.)

Tiger's Eye is used to boost the following qualities:

  • bravery
  • courage
  • strength
  • vitality
  • health
  • willpower, confidence
  • personal power.
  • a shield against bad energy

Tiger's Eye Feng Shui Meaning

Tiger's eye is regarded as both an earth element and a fire element gemstone in feng shui, balancing and enhancing both.

It also invokes tiger symbolism, which in feng shui denotes both protection from adversaries and bad energy as well as accumulation of prosperity and plenty.

The tiger defends and protects it, while the dragon is said to bring in prosperity and abundance.

Tiger's Eye Feng Shui Uses

To energize and stimulate specific regions of your home's bagua, you can install tiger's eye there.

Tiger's eye crystals may be used for riches and prosperity as well as for protection, grounding, and boosting health and vigor.

Some ideas for using tiger's eye in feng shui are:

  • Place it in the room or space in your house that you want to energize and improve.
  • Wear it to balance your chakras or to harmonize your personal energy and frequency.
  • Make a crystal grid with a single aim in mind.
  • To cultivate your intentions, put it next to your plants (or on top of the earth, if you're very certain it's pure tiger's eye).
  • To activate it and make your desires come true, place it next to your vision board.
  • To activate it, place it on top of your manifestation journal.
  • To activate it and bring in fresh opportunities, place it next to your front entrance.
  • To help with focus and to give your work vitality, place it on your desk while you are working.
  • Use it at your workplace at work to ground yourself and to ward off bad energy.
  • Use it when you're meditating to ground and concentrate your energies.
  • Use it for your lunar feng shui rituals!
  • Or create your own ritual to include it into your life and home!

Let's go over several tiger's eye applications in feng shui and where to position them in accordance with the bagua map.

How to Use Tiger's Eye for Protection & Attracting Good Luck

Place: Near Your Front Door or Entryway

Tiger's eye is best placed next to your front entrance since it is well recognized for anchoring, protection, and warding off evil spirits.

According to feng shui, Chi (life-force energy) enters your home through your front entrance and starts to circulate. One of your home's most crucial features is the front entrance. Tiger's eye may shield your entire house from bad energy and even aid with protection from outside influences, such as neighbors, by placing it next to your front door.

Tiger's eye may also be used to draw luck and wealth by placing it near your front entrance or in your foyer. It can open your front door to let the universe to shower you with new possibilities and vitality.

How to Use Tiger's Eye for Health

Place: In Your Homes Health Area

The core of your home is considered the health area in Western feng shui.

It has to do with the wellbeing, health, and vitality of every member of your family.

Tiger's eye will improve the health of everyone in your family if you place it there.

Additionally, it may ground and center your house, clearing out bad energy and boosting stability.

The earth element, which is the element of the health area, is also strengthened by tiger's eye.

The stability and basis of life are due to the earth element.

Tiger's eye can assist calm and center the energy if you or anybody in your home has experienced illness, difficult circumstances, or is in the midst of a significant life transition.

How to Use Tiger's Eye for Wealth

Place: In Your Home’s Prosperity Corner

According to feng shui, the tiger is in charge of gaining riches and abundance, as we covered before. Tiger's eye may easily help you raise your income and expand your bank accounts by being placed in the wealth area of your home.

It can also make everything in your life more abundant, including your health, your love life, your ideas, and your friendships.

How to Use Tiger's Eye for Fame

Place: In Your Home’s Fame Area

Your reputation will improve if you place tiger's eye in your home's renown and reputation section! Whether you want to seek a certification or degree, work with others outside of your house, or even get a promotion at work, improving your reputation may always be helpful!

Receiving credit and recognition for your work is a function of the renown area of your house. In order to boost your self-assurance and personal strength in all spheres of your life, add some tiger's eye to the fame area!

How to Use Tiger's Eye for Protection While Traveling or Draw in Helpful People, Customers and Clients!

Place: In Your Home’s Travel and Helpful People Area

The feng shui travel and helpful people section of your house is in charge of all types of travel, including leisure trips, everyday commutes, and even errands!

Additionally, it is in charge of bringing in additional consumers, clients, and mentors.

Tiger's eye may be used here to activate it for protection when traveling or to boost your self-assurance and bravery while exploring new places!

Alternatively, you may utilize it to attract mentors, helpful individuals (like real estate agents, managers, physicians, etc.), or even new clients to your company.

How to Use Tiger's Eye for Creativity or Completing Projects

Place: In Your Homes Creativity Area

The feng shui region for children and creativity is in charge of all forms of creativity, finishing tasks, as well as any children in your life.

Tiger's eye may help you be more self-assured in your creative activities and also provide you the resolve and endurance to finish tasks.

Any kids in your life might benefit from having greater self-assurance, bravery, and strength!

How to Use Tiger's Eye in Your Career

Place: In Your Home’s Career Area, Your Office, or Your Desk

Your career is affected by a number of factors in your home and at work.

They are your house's career area (the front middle third), your office, whether it be at home or at work, and your desk.

Any of these can benefit from tiger's eye feng shui upgrades to advance your career.

Use it to attract a new job, more customers or clients, gain authority and confidence in your career or business, or even to safeguard your own energy while you're at work.

How to Use Tiger's Eye to Increase Wisdom & Knowledge

Place: In Your Home’s Knowledge & Wisdom Area

Wisdom, specialized knowledge (such as studies, certificates, degrees, or other sorts of training), and inner understanding are all handled by the knowledge and wisdom part of your house.

Put tiger's eye there to sharpen mental attention and endurance, spur on learning or certifications, or even boost confidence and intuition.

Tiger's eye can also be used when meditating in this region to assist you in receiving guidance and inspiration from the Universe.

How to Use Tiger's Eye to Strengthen Relationships

Place: In Your Home’s Love & Relationship Area

Your home's love and relationships sector deals with all sorts of relationships, including your relationship with yourself and romantic interactions.

You may utilize tiger's eye in this situation to boost your capacity to love yourself and other people, attract greater friendships, and give you the bravery and confidence to pursue a new romantic partner.

How to Use Tiger's Eye for Family & Legacy

Place: In Your Homes Family & Legacy Area

Your extended family, past, present, and future, are taken care of in the family and legacy part of your house. It's both the legacy that was left for you and the legacy that you desire to leave behind.

Tiger's eye may help you establish more steadiness and foundation in all areas of your life, including your interactions with your extended family.

Additionally, tiger's eye may support and safeguard such connections!

How to Use a Feng Shui Tiger's Eye Bracelet

You may improve your strength and confidence while attracting luck, prosperity, and good fortune by wearing a tiger's eye bracelet.

Additionally, it can strengthen your grounding and protection, which will help you feel safe and secure by enclosing you in an energy bubble.

To attract prosperity and wealth, wear your tiger's eye feng shui bracelet on your left hand!

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