What is Blue Sandstone? Meaning, Uses, and Benefits

What is Blue Sandstone? Meaning, Uses, and Benefits

Due to its starry beauty, blue sandstone, often known as blue goldstone, is swiftly becoming more and more well-liked in the crystal world. However, did you realize that it's not really a gem?

Yes, it has glass and sand quartz inside of it, making it a man-made "crystal."

If so, you might be asking whether blue sandstone still possesses healing qualities despite not being a genuine crystal.

The answer is yes, it does have healing properties.

In this article, we'll discuss blue sandstone and the reasons we believe it has healing capabilities similar to those of a crystal. Additionally, you'll discover the significance of this blue goldstone, its advantages, and how to use it to encourage success in all of your pursuits.

Does Blue Sandstone Have Healing Properties?

Blue sandstone has healing qualities despite being a man-made gemstone.


Due to the components that were included into the stone during creation.

Not all of the blue sandstone is made of glass. It has minute quartz crystal fragments inside, which is what gives goldstone its organic vibration.

The healing power of blue sandstone is derived from this frequency.


How is Blue Sandstone Made?

By melting glass and mixing quartz sand into it, blue sandstone may be created.

The small bits of quartz that make up the stone's starry appearance are what have given it its unusual appearance.

However, why is blue sandstone blue if it is composed of glass and quartz?

The cobalt that was added to the mixture is the key to this. Cobalt's characteristics give the glass its deep blue hue.

In addition to blue, goldstone also comes in various hues, each of which confers a unique set of therapeutic benefits.

The man-made stone also contains copper and feldspar, which adds to the healing properties of blue goldstone.


Blue Goldstone Meaning

The significance of the blue goldstone is all about achievement.

This blue gemstone is regarded as a lucky charm that makes hopes and objectives come true.

It is also regarded as a stone representing confidence and ambition. So, if you're putting in a lot of effort to accomplish something, keep this stone nearby for further inspiration.

When you wish to improve your self-confidence or get rid of self-doubt, use blue sandstone.

It's also stated that this blue gemstone brings joy and happiness. Therefore, to increase the energy in your area when you're going through a difficult moment, bring blue goldstone with you or keep it at home.


Blue Sandstone Metaphysical Properties

A form of goldstone with a deep blue tint is known as blue sandstone. This stone is well-liked for many reasons, including its metaphysical qualities.


Chakra Connections

The throat chakra benefits especially from blue gemstones. People who struggle with verbal expression may find that wearing bracelets made of blue sandstone helps to open up their first chakra.

The third eye chakra is likewise supported by blue goldstone. It is stated that working with this energy point enhances psychic powers, intuition, and thinking clarity.


Physical Healing Properties

Blue sandstone is a very grounding gemstone that may help you feel more energizing and rejuvenated, enabling you to pursue your objectives with fresh zeal. 

If you have stomach issues, holistic healers advise wearing a blue sandstone ring, necklace, or bracelet as it might ease pain, inflammation, and discomfort. Additionally, the vibration of this stone could be beneficial for circulation problems, arthritis, and bone and joint pain.


Emotional Healing Properties

Blue sandstone is a great stone for empaths to use since it guards delicate energies. People can also communicate their sentiments towards persons they have empathy for. The periodicity of the stone also encourages increased patience and a more patient and forgiving attitude toward other people.

Similar to how blue tones may have a relaxing influence on people, Blue Sandstone tends to have a calming effect in terms of hue. It might assist you in unwinding and controlling your emotions after a demanding workday. To encourage lucid dreaming, some individuals also incorporate it into their crystal grids.


Spiritual Healing Properties

The "stone of ambition," blue sandstone, is a popular option for those who lack the motivation or self-belief to realize their goals.

This stone, together with tiger's eye and aventurine, can assist you in discovering and accepting your actual self.


Feng Shui Element

Grounding stones like blue sandstone provide its users a sense of security against the outer world. It can bring success and good fortune since it is a stone that represents wealth and victory in feng shui.

Due to its tint of blue and its anchoring characteristics, blue sandstone's energy also relates to the element earth. Being a stone representing wealth, it also relates to the water element.


Blue Sandstone Benefits

This man-made stone provides advantages that can enhance several aspects of your life in addition to the symbolism associated with blue sandstone.

Here are a few advantages of blue sandstone:

  • Brings success and good fortune
  • Helps achieve goals
  • Increases the ability to express oneself
  • Increases resolve and self-assurance
  • Reduces tension and fear 
  • Boosts vitality
  • Drives away self-doubt and pessimistic ideas
  • Improves psychic skills, clarity, and sensitivity
  • Gives inner peace
  • Encourages balance and harmony 


How to Use a Blue Goldstone

There are several methods to use blue sandstone if you want to use it to attract success.

Wear as Jewelry

Wearing a ring, necklace, or bracelet made of blue sandstone can help you communicate your emotions and draw success.

Cary in Pouch

The energy of money, prosperity, and success will be drawn into your life if you carry a piece of blue sandstone in your pocket or handbag.

Meditate with the Stone

You may release tension, stress, and anxiety by holding the blue sandstone.

Placing a piece of blue sandstone over your third eye, located in the middle of your forehead, can help you release emotional obstacles as you meditate.

To assist attract wealth and luck, you may also meditate with a piece of the goldstone placed on a flat surface.

Place at Home

To improve concentration, put a piece of blue sandstone in each corner of your room. This stone will also be a great assistance while you move since it will keep you concentrated on your objective and prevent unwanted influences from deterring you.


How Much is Blue Sandstone Worth?

The weight of the stone and the caliber of the hue determine how much blue sandstone is worth. Greater value is seen in larger stones with richer colors than in smaller stones with paler hues.

Blue sandstone often sells between $10 to $50 per carat.


Blue Sandstone Jewelry

It's hard to turn away from the magnificent blue hue of blue sandstone since it's so vivid. This gemstone is used in a variety of jewelry items due to its appearance, including rings, pendants, and bracelets.

Blue sandstone is a great material to use in jewelry if you want to make your goals and ambitions come true. This stone is ideal for anyone who wishes to draw success because it is also known to be a potent good luck charm.

You may directly access the energy of blue sandstone by wearing jewelry made of the stone. As a consequence, you may profit from blue sandstone more readily and rapidly.


How to Cleanse Blue Sandstone

Negativity is absorbed by the soft, blue-colored stone known as blue sandstone. If you want to maintain your energy clean and balanced, this stone is fantastic.

But this stone is also quite absorbent. That implies that if it absorbs too much negative energy, its healing abilities may ultimately become less effective.

To remove the unwelcome vibrations your blue sandstone has absorbed, it is crucial to cleanse it using a Tibetan singing bowl.

These steps should be used to clean your blue sandstone:

  1. The Tibetan singing bowl should be in front of your blue sandstone.
  2. Use the wooden striker to strike the bowl's side.
  3. To produce a vibrating sound, move the striker around the bowl's rim.
  4. For five to ten minutes, keep striking and running the striker around the bowl.
  5. After cleansing the blue sandstone, send your intention to the jewel.

The Takeaway

A wonderful method to showcase your originality and uniqueness is with blue sandstone. It's a great gemstone for expressing your individuality and letting the world know who you are.

It's also a fantastic stone if you wish to draw success energy into your life.

To benefit from the stone's properties, put on a blue goldstone ring, necklace, or bracelet right away!

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