White Jade Jewelry: Meaning, Properties, and Benefits

White Jade Jewelry: Meaning, Properties, and Benefits

White Jade jewelry is known to be famous from ancient times. It is because of the promising value White jade brings to improve a person's wealth, happiness, serenity and self-confidence. People used to wear it as a cure for heart, lungs and kidney diseases. It is renowned for building and strengthening connections between your family and love relationships. White Jade is considered a lucky charm to provide new beginnings and fortune to the person who wears it with firm belief!


The question here arises whether these all are superstitious or circulating norms.


Is there even a reality to it? And how can anyone get themself cured with a stone?


Are White Jade Stones even real, or are they fake?


We have answers to almost all of your queries. Just keep yourself intact while reading it. 


White jade bracelet meaning


The white jade bracelet, jade pendant and other related jewelry accessories of this stone hold real deep meaning. It is known to be associated with the 'light .' There is a firm belief that this gemstone possesses light and helps the individual who wore them or kept them near to their skin in the form of a necklace, ring or bracelet.


White jade stones Properties


In comparison between a highly fascinating stone called 'Giada' and 'jade,' then the former is known to possess powers while the other one is better in conveying matter and emotions are carried with oneself upon wearing it. So try jade to get yourself emotionally more stable. 

If we talk about the history of the gemstone jade,' then it is surely a Spanish term, and that's 'Jada,' which shows the meaning of flanks. And also called stones of the flanks. Flanks refer to a term for the body region of ribs to the hips of animals. It is therefore easy to understand that it has a huge power possessing energy for kidneys and the other parts like loins. It was known to be an ancient Spanish stone and, back then, was used to make products like jewelry to enhance beauty.


In China, it has also been used since the ancient period, and the theory is that 'jade' is a highly sacred type of gemstone used to wear to prevent all evil spirits. It was used at that time for the production of burial vessels.


In Chinese literature, this gemstone is known to be ancient Chinese as a symbol of Gold that shows wealth.  


The gemstone 'White Jade' prevents bad thoughts, helps you overcome fear, aids the individual with self-confidence, and makes their decisions more accurate. In short, keeping a man out of the box and making him an open mind where the absorbance of all types of energies becomes easier and more possible. The element that White jade stone associates with the most are 'water .' The Chakras that are linked are 2nd and 4th. Where the 2nd is the abdomen part, and the fourth is considered the heart.  

Some of the most prominent types of properties that are highly associated with Mala Beads Agarwood White Jade Lotus Prayer Meditation Nec  are briefly discussed and are as follows:


  • White Jade is a type of nephrite that usually comes in white, cream, and off-white colors.
  • White jade is a 'Calcium Magnesium Silicate' mineral.


  • If the gemstone' white jade' is yellow and slightly translucent in color, it is referred to as'mutton fat jade' and as 'Chicken bone jade' if it is in opaque white color.
  • As we have said, it is a type of mineral, so the chemical formula it possesses is Ca₂[Mg or Fe] Si O₂₂ [OH]. Where Mg refers to magnesium, Ca is calcium, Si is silicon, and O is oxygen.


  • Known to be an Ornamental stone (not a pure mineral). The mixture of Jadeite and Nephrite, these both gemstones are used to make White jade, which is why it is called an ornamental stone rather than the purest form of the mineral.


  • Known to form granule types of structures that can be used in making vessels and a kind of woven fabrics. 


White Jade stones benefit.


We will now discuss the benefits of white jade and how it impacts mother nature and life. Some of the most important impacts that are possessed by the White Jade Bodhi Lotus Mala Harmony Necklace Bracelet  are :


Serenity and Love


If we talk about the color of white jade, it surely comes in various colors, including translucent white, opaque white, cream, off-white color, pale yellow and many more shades of white. White jade is also known as a type of tremolite jade and is usually made up of both nephrite and jadeite minerals. It is a stone that firmly withstands a deep meaning to provide serenity and calmness. It brings the best out of the individual when worn with great care. It also possesses healing properties and has been known for these properties for more than decades. 


White jade is popular as a 'Lucky Stone' under every condition or situation of life, including love life, health life or any business or investment you are doing. It will eventually help you all. It possesses so much power in itself that it can bring serenity, peacefulness and calmness to your life by absorbing all the negative thoughts, energies and vibes.


The ability of this gemstone is to increase the amount of love you have or the limits of it. It truly lets you fly and boost your energy regarding the love life of an individual. People are using it to built-in a connection of friendship or love to make the bond more powerful. Not only to make your love life strong, but it is believed that people usually wear white jade to get stability in their emotions as it does promote emotional healing. You can see great changes after wearing this jewelry stone because it will help you push yourself forward and erase all the negative energies that come into your individual life.


As mentioned earlier, a white jade necklace or white jade pendant will help you restore your energy and make you powerful enough to make your decisions quickly and accurately. It is surely known to help you in mental stability, emotional healing, productive lifestyle, powerful decision making, and filtering out all the negative distractions.


Intimacy and Connection


White jade stones' benefits also include intimacy and connection. It helps you have a great satisfaction factor in intimacy and builds your connection stronger than ever.

It is known to be the best stone that adds more value to art and does not age nor fade easily. Also, it is so pure and gorgeous that people love to wear it as jewelry pieces nowadays. 

Helps improve intimacy with your partner, a huge connection built up and eliminated negative impact while strengthening mental capabilities and energies, leaving individuals with high satisfaction.


Stars Connection


For the signs ( zodiac) like Pisces & Libra, White jade stones are known to possess a strong connection. But not only for these two signs, but it goes with almost all the signs and gets benefits easily. Just the fact that people with zodiac signs Libra and Pisces are more likely to get a more helpful direction and get white jade stones benefits more.


If we particularly talk about the Libra zodiac sign, it shows a balanced and bright thought about life. People of a libra star usually seem to have a balanced personality and a great outlook on life. And white jade adds more brightness to the libra star life and depicts a lot of varieties in terms of bringing mindfulness, peace, serenity, clarity, balance, wealth and health in life.


And when we consider the star Pisces, everyone knows how sensitive and emotional people are to having Pisces as a star sign. White jade stones benefits usually help a Pisces to become strong regarding emotional and spiritual well-being. It seriously helps them to balance out their life maturely and thoughtfully.




Catharsis is a modern term used to show any person experiencing an emotional tension, and it's releasing, for goodness sake. White jade stones benefit the emotionally abused people, or you can say you are emotionally unstable. It helps in emotionally relieving stress and anxiety. People consider it a powerful tool in life that gives you a push or kick to let go of all the tensions and enhances the relaxation of body and soul. 


If a person is going through a hard life situation, he must opt for a white jade necklace, white jade pendant or white jade bracelet because it's really worth it!


People share their experience with white jade stones that it benefited them to surpass any tough situations and made their lifestyle better. The emotional healing power of white jade brings almost a positive impact and a bright opaque light that provides guidance and strength to your souls. This light helps purify the heart with all the negativity and replace them with positive vibes that are beneficial to the person and make his surroundings shine too.


It also helps in love life relationships as people who wear them let go of prejudice and warmth of happiness. That's how the quality of a love life is enhanced by wearing white jade jewelry. 


The connection between a couple or a best friend needs care and affection. Sometimes all the tensions created to lead this relationship to become weaker and almost emotionally drained. White jade jewelry can let go of all prejudices and ego and let you not hold back your feelings towards your loved ones. In simpler words, it helps you to release all the tensions and bring the best ways to keep yourself great in your relationships.

Self-confidence helps people communicate more openly and accurately and affects building relationships. White jade stones do the same and give you the courage to communicate properly and with high confidence. That's how you make yourself a better version by wearing white jade stones with true belief!

The white jade jewelry helps keep you from prejudice, ego, rage, and solitude. Instead, it helps people convert their negative thoughts into a peaceful manner so that they can forget their past traumas or any stress-related situation. You then can only look forward to the new beginning of your life.

Not only providing positive energies, but white jade stones help you to understand the meaning of giving love to others. How much kindness is necessary and being kind even in difficult situations. You will rise and shine because your approach will be optimistic, and you will ace any problem or hurdle with a smile. 

Emotionally healing properties possessed by white jade eventually let you know the bigger picture of life, and you will see more to life rather than thinking about all the smaller things that get on your nerves. You will accumulate all the positive lights, guidance and power to keep struggling and not get hard on yourself simultaneously.


You will not get the results at the start, but eventually, when everything falls into place, you will keep the white jade stone forever. Your experience after wearing it will be commendable, and you will appreciate it without hesitating as the other customers do. Only a little faith and belief can lead you to inner peace, serenity and strength. 


The white jade stone, for example, Natural Jade Pixiu Buddha Abundance Bracelet, provides even double energies, and life becomes more certain. It will give you strength, more power, high confidence and bravery. 


People with firm beliefs wearing white jade stones always say they end up being lucky human beings. In this regard, you will be more confident, comfortable with the hurdles, have no prejudice, and have high control over yourself. 




White Jade stones benefit the individual as a natural source of healing the emotionally unstable mind and change it into a path of guidance where only light flows and no darkness comes nearby. 


The energies full of dark vibes lead you to several mental diseases, including anxiety and depression. Also, they can cause man stress in every aspect of life. People might find themselves paranoid, and when they start wearing white jade stone, they eventually feel heaviness and feel like negative things are lifting.

If you possess an aura of calmness, serenity, peace and light, then the people surrounding you can feel the same for you. They will feel all the positive vibes that will shine through you.

Clear insight is the best reason to opt for White Jade and to make one's own self-sufficient and able to take decisions with more power. 

The Chakra that belongs to the heart is highly associated with serenity and calmness. You might get control of yourself and will control your emotions maturely enough to accept everything that surrounds you with kindness. After building a connection between the heart chakra and the White jade stone, a good alignment and control will seem to be in power. To maintain your crown chakra is necessary as if it gets out of control, you will not be able to preach clarity insights. 


White Jade Stones | Metaphysical Properties


It is not at all expensive because it is easily available. It is found to be the most common gemstone. Due to its color nature, it goes with everything you wear. The white color shows peace and serenity itself and shows a neutral view. 



Feng shui White jade


To bring energies that harmonize with the surroundings, the Chinese practice a tradition called "Feng Shui." To achieve more harmony, serenity, clarity, balance and peace in your life, you must follow feng shui tips or know feng shui elements. White Jade possesses energy by association with the Element "Wood." This association brings self-confidence, good positive energies, heights of growth and balance to your life. Directly Wood associates White jade to help with new beginnings and grow immensely. 


White Jade - The Four Elements


As we all know, there are four main elements: Water, Fire, Earth, and air. White Jade belongs to wood elements that lie under the earth. The fundamental properties of White jade stones are because the energies resonate with the element earth. 


Feng Shui White Jade Element


As we discussed above, White Jade belongs to the Wood element. It brings peace, growth and new beginnings in feng shui. 


It assures you of harmony and good health in your life. If WoodWood is in a very small amount, then surely it is a sign of no growth, no better understanding of development with the relatives. 


The element of WoodWood also resonates with good 


It helps to stabilize all your energies and gives you a better position in life and an experience of mental and emotional peace. It opens all the good opportunities and makes you grounded. 


Feng shui tips


Most promising feng shui tips are as follows


  • White Jadeand Feng Shui intermix can aid in the financial and wellness of a person 


Place the stone in the direction of east & southeast wherever you are, in your workplace, home, or any place. It will help bring more good luck and good fortune. Also, White jade stones can be made with money-guaranteed stones. 

Crystal grids are also meant to be a traditional way to promote sacrament. There are a lot of geometric shapes that are considered to speak their languages to communicate with the World and the universe. Mixing geometric shapes with feng shui and white jade will bring good intentions and will help you to attract more health, growth, prosperity and wealth for new beginnings


  • White Jade and Feng shui intermix to get more spiritually awakening and growth


Placing the stone in the east and northeast parts of your places can bring more energy and knowledge to you and your family. It will give you a spiritual awakening of what the actual self is made up of and will surely enlighten your soul. 


White Jade in Ancient Periods 


In the middle of the century, White Jade got more popular and was awarded a "Nobel Stone." White Jade stones were used by people fighting kidney and lung diseases. People with cardiac disease also used to wear it in ancient times. And gives you an uttermost reason to live more with bravery! 


Jade stone was also used to experiment if it works in a potion or for medicinal purposes. White Jade stone was used to bring immortality to the believers of various tribal communities in the past. The most common use of White jade stones is in clothing, amulets, bracelets, pendants, necklaces and rings. White Jade jewelry was worn as a sacred symbol by the ancient people.


Frequently Asked Questions 


How to tell if White Jade is real or fake?

The White Jade Stone color can tell whether it is real or fake. It comes in an off-white to white color. You can scratch your white jade stones with heavy metal or steel surfaces to check if it is fake. If it is broken, then it is fake.


What color is White jade?


White Jade stones vary from the color white to opaque or translucent white or sometimes come in off-white or cream colors.


Is white jadeite valuable?


White jade jewelry is worn mostly by the Chinese as a practice of feng shui and is considered valuable as it brings peace and calmness to the person who wore it with firm belief.

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