Collection: Eagle eye

Eagle's eye is a variant of tiger's eye, which is a blue variation produced during the silicification of tiger's eye. Therefore, the color is mainly blue, usually blue and gray-blue, which looks like an eagle eye, so it is called an eagle eye stone.

The effect of eagle eye stone

The eagle eye is also the throat chakra gem. The blue light corresponds to the sun chakra, and the black corresponds to the bottom chakra. It has the function of re-purifying and adjusting the discomfort of the body after overeating. It can quickly improve cold symptoms, asthma and bronchitis, and can also use her own energy to strengthen joints and bones. , soothes and calms the nervous system of metabolism.

The role of eagle eye

Similar to tiger's eye, eagle's eye can also inspire courage, bring confidence, strengthen belief, and make people brave. It can soften stubbornness and stubbornness, make it rational, and keep up with the trend of the times, so as not to be eliminated, and bring a positive outlook on life and work spirit. Blue eagle eye stone also has the effect of detoxification and cleaning of miscellaneous qi. The blue eagle eye stone has a very special function, that is, it can speed up the formation of things. For example, every wish in an individual's heart can also be accelerated with the help of this characteristic of the blue eagle eye. The best way to use it is to meditate with the blue eagle eye stone polished into a spherical shape and meditate on your own wishes. Wearing more accessories made of blue eagle eye stone can help promote cell metabolism and nourish bone marrow.