Collection: Pixiu

Pixiu means to attract wealth and treasure, because it is said that the favorite food of Pixiu is gold and silver jewelry, and Pixiu has no anus, so it has a symbol of wealth and wealth. In addition, Pixiu also means peace and health. Many people like to wear Pixiu accessories on their bodies to pray for a safe and healthy life.
Pixiu is rumored to be a mythical beast that maintains the security of the Tiangong. It is a natural beast or can help ward off evil spirits. Whether it is five yellows and six evils, it can be resolved by using Pixiu. In some large ancient tombs, Pixiu is still a tomb-suppressing beast. Pixiu has many functions, and it is not an ordinary mythical beast.
Pixiu looks brave, with a dragon head, a tiger and a leopard body, a wishful tail, a big mouth without anus and two big fangs. This image will make many evil spirits dare not get close, and it is brave and good at fighting, we can totally Entrusting the safety of the home to the mythical beast, Pixiu, is also of great help in terms of career.