Bodhi Seed Boxwood Lotus Success Bracelet
Bodhi Seed Boxwood Lotus Success Bracelet
Bodhi Seed Boxwood Lotus Success Bracelet
Bodhi Seed Boxwood Lotus Success Bracelet
Bodhi Seed Boxwood Lotus Success Bracelet
Bodhi Seed Boxwood Lotus Success Bracelet
Bodhi Seed Boxwood Lotus Success Bracelet
Bodhi Seed Boxwood Lotus Success Bracelet
Bodhi Seed Boxwood Lotus Success Bracelet
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Bodhi Seed Boxwood Lotus Success Bracelet

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Symbolism of the lotus 1: Noble, holy

Lotus has always been regarded as a sacred and pure flower by Buddhism, and it has vigorously promoted and advocated the pure and holy spirit of learning the lotus. In addition, Zhou Dunyi also clearly expressed his love for lotus in his famous article "Love Lotus": "I love the lotus when it comes out of the mud without being stained, and it is clean and not demonic." From here we can see that the poet implies that people learn the noble qualities of the lotus to purify themselves. In addition, Li Bai's verse "The hibiscus comes out of the clear water, and the carvings are naturally removed", also shows that the lotus has natural beauty. 

Symbolism of the lotus 2: Integrity

Lotus is Qinglian, Qinglian is homophonic with "clean and honest", so the lotus is also used as a metaphor for officials who are upright and who do not join in with others. This mainly refers to the way of officialdom. For example, there is a picture called "All the way clean and honest" composed of green lotus and egret, which has been placed in their study by many literati.

Symbolic meaning of the lotus 3: auspicious, auspicious

The lotus is called the lotus, which is homophonic with "harmony". In ancient times, there was a picture of "He (Lotus) Qinghai Banquet (Swallow)" composed of lotus, begonia, and flying swallows, which was described as peace in the world. The eight auspicious treasures of Buddhism are headed by lotus flowers. In ancient times, lotus and fish were cut into drawings and posted, which was called "more than one year after another", indicating that the society was prosperous. In addition, in the folk auspicious painting, "the two immortals of harmony and harmony", one person holds a lotus in his hand and the other holds a box to show harmony. Among the Eight Immortals, He Xiangu is represented by holding a lotus flower, which symbolizes her beauty and her surname He, which means peace and auspiciousness.

Symbolism of the Lotus 4: Love

We all know that the lotus roots are very long and are intertwined. In real life, we often hear people say "someone is disconnected from someone". In fact, it means that there is still a connection between men and women, which is what we call love. . In fact, the use of lotus to symbolize love has been recorded as early as the Tang Dynasty. Wang Bo, a famous poet in the Tang Dynasty, wrote in "The Song of Picking Lotuses" that "the morning flowers are just tied together, and the lotus root is loved by the silk", that is, the continuous connection of the lotus and the lotus root to express the lingering love between men and women. The lotus is most suitable as a symbol of pure and beautiful love. In addition, "lotus" and "even" are homophonic, and the lotus is connected by broken threads.

Symbolism of the lotus 5: Beauty

As early as in the "Book of Songs", which has been circulated in ancient and modern times, there is a record of comparing the lotus to a beautiful woman. In "Guofeng·Chenfeng·Zepei", it says: "The waves of the Zepi, there are Pu and Lotus. There is a beautiful person, how is the injury? Sleeping and sleeping without action, tears are pouring out." It describes a man who compares the lotus to a long-standing admiration for the lotus. The beautiful woman, I haven't seen it for a long time, and I am very sad. Whether awake or asleep, tears and snot rained down uncontrollably.

Symbolism of the lotus 6: Friendship

In ancient China, there was a tradition of folding plums as gifts in spring and picking lotuses for people in autumn. From this, it can be seen that the lotus symbolizes the pure friendship between people.

  • Handmade mala beads bracelet.
  • Size: 6*8mm/7*9mm/8*10mm 108 pills,weight: Between 25~45g.
  • Elastic cord Multilayer Bracelets,Suitable for any wrist
  • Bead bracelet can not be soaked in water, otherwise it will lose luster.
  • High-end Natural beaded bracelet , pray for Every Need & Situation