Old Material Hainan Agarwood 108 Beads Rosary Buddha Bracelet

Size : 6mm
Agarwood is the first of the twelve incense kings in Buddhism. Buddha uses the aroma of agarwood and sandalwood as a metaphor for virtue. Buddhism uses it to worship Buddha and is one of the main spices for "bathing Buddha".
After thousands of years of decay and regeneration, agarwood is a spiritual object in the world. It is a strange tree in the world and a relic in wood. It has the power of tranquility and solemnity. .
The Buddhist community believes that agarwood is the only holy spice that can penetrate the "Three Realms".
The agarwood tree has the characteristics of repelling insects but not killing insects. It is the most compassionate tree species, reflecting the wisdom of Buddhism. All sentient beings become Buddhas fully, and it also reflects the compassion of the Buddha.