Jade PiXiu Protection Necklace Bracelet
Jade PiXiu Protection Necklace Bracelet
Jade PiXiu Protection Necklace Bracelet
Jade PiXiu Protection Necklace Bracelet
Jade PiXiu Protection Necklace Bracelet
Jade PiXiu Protection Necklace Bracelet
Jade PiXiu Protection Necklace Bracelet
Jade PiXiu Protection Necklace Bracelet
Jade PiXiu Protection Necklace Bracelet
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Jade PiXiu Protection Necklace Bracelet

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Pixiu means to attract wealth and treasure, because it is said that the favorite food of Pixiu is gold and silver jewelry, and Pixiu has no anus, so it has a symbol of wealth and wealth. In addition, Pixiu also means peace and health. Many people like to wear Pixiu accessories on their bodies to pray for a safe and healthy life.
Pixiu is rumored to be a mythical beast that maintains the security of the Tiangong. It is a natural beast or can help ward off evil spirits. Whether it is five yellows and six evils, it can be resolved by using Pixiu. In some large ancient tombs, Pixiu is still a tomb-suppressing beast. Pixiu has many functions, and it is not an ordinary mythical beast.
Pixiu looks brave, with a dragon head, a tiger and a leopard body, a wishful tail, a big mouth without anus and two big fangs. This image will make many evil spirits dare not get close, and it is brave and good at fighting, we can totally Entrusting the safety of the home to the mythical beast, Pixiu, is also of great help in terms of career.

1. Self-cultivation and self-cultivation, the power of peace of mind

Xingyue Bodhi is very common in Buddhist beads, so it is also known as one of the "Four Famous Pearls" in the world. It is said in Buddhist scriptures: "By reciting Bodhi beads, countless merits can be obtained, so good men and women use it more."

Therefore, wearing a disk to play Xingyue Bodhi will give people a sense of solidity and calmness. Moreover, Xingyue Bodhi has a deep relationship with Buddhism, and it is a Buddhist thing. Wearing a plate to play with Xingyue Bodhi can help people cultivate one's body, cultivate one's mind, calm the mind, and drive away depression.

2. The power of regulating internal organs

In addition to many spiritual values, Xingyue Bodhi also has the power to regulate the internal organs, because when people wear the plate to play Xingyue Bodhi, the beads of Xingyue Bodhi will play the role of massaging the acupuncture points on the hands. It is the reflection area of ​​many important organs such as the human heart, liver, spleen, lung, and kidney. Therefore, often playing with Bodhi beads is very beneficial to conditioning the internal organs and endocrine.
3. The power of removing distractions

Wearing a disk to play Xingyue Bodhi can help us get rid of distracting thoughts, keep our minds from being distracted, awaken our minds, and achieve the functions of removing distracting thoughts and allowing our mind and body to concentrate.

The blessed Bodhi rosary has a very strong blessing, has the effect of warding off evil spirits, and has the power to increase wisdom and achieve the protection of gods and Buddhas. Can be successful.

4. The power of exorcism and warding off evil

The appearance of Xingyue Bodhi is elegant and unique, which can help practice, ensure peace, and increase blessings and wisdom. Xingyue Bodhi, each bead has a big dot and many small dots like stars holding the moon, hence the name Xingyue Bodhi. Moreover, Xingyue Bodhi has a deep relationship with Buddhism, so it has a strong ability to exorcise evil spirits and avoid disasters. Wearing the plate for a long time can increase auspiciousness.
5. The power of meditation to cut off troubles

The rosary is an important magic weapon when practising the Buddhadharma. Whenever and wherever, as long as you wear it and recite it, you can increase your merits, promote your karma, get the blessings of all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, and finally achieve the goal of cutting off the root of afflictions, growing wisdom, and attaining the supreme. Fruits and other incredible effects.

Wearing Xingyue Bodhi beads can also achieve the effect of fearlessness, peace of mind, peace of mind, and a healthy mind, to eliminate stress, and to practice in peace and happiness.

6. The power of improving temperament

Xingyue Bodhi is very common in Buddhist beads, but Xingyue Bodhi is now not only used as a rosary, but more and more people use it as a fashionable decoration and auspicious plaything. Now even many movie stars are very popular wearing Xingyue Bodhi beads, holding one or two strings of hand beads as accessories, which is very fashionable.

Wearing Xingyue Bodhi beads, Xingyue Bodhi looks ever-changing and noble. In addition to warding off evil spirits and ensuring safety, as fashion accessories, it can also enhance the temperament of the wearer.

Handmade mala beads bracelet.
Size: 108 pills,weight: Between 25~45g.
Elastic cord Multilayer Bracelets,Suitable for any wrist
Bead bracelet can not be soaked in water, otherwise it will lose luster.
High-end Natural beaded bracelet , pray for Every Need & Situation